This game seems to be so-so.

User Rating: 6 | Sonic Riders GC

My 63rd review after Star Fox 64.

When I played this game one time at Best Buy, it's about Sonic meets a new rival in the name of Jet The Hawk along with his Babylon Rouges members, Wave The Swallow and Storm The Albatross, and these three birds like to be teasing and making fun of Sonic and his friends and they like to be showing off that they are better and faster than Sonic and his friends. Hmmm... maybe that's the main reason why my cousins didn't like Jet, Wave or Storm. Anyways this game will get an C--! Here the results:

Voice-acting 3/10: Seems like Jason Griffith must be getting on some people's nerves.

Game-play 6/10: The game-play has a turbulence to ride on, which is pretty fun and the game has excellent sense of speed. However, the track designs is another problem, which is one of the reasons why gamers and fans dislike this game.

Graphics 10/10: Pretty colorful and cool!

Controls 2/10: Story mode can be hard to beat because the controls are stiff.

Sound/Music 3/10: May have annoying audio for some people.

Lasting Appeal 6/10: Not one of the greatest games I've ever played.

Overall, Sonic Riders is not a bad game, but not the best, let it pass!

The Good:

-Cool unlockables

-Great sense of speed

-Nice graphics

The Bad:

-Annoying audio

-Terrible track designs

-Making pit stops kills the pacing

-Stiff controls

That's all I got to say. Good day!

Sonic Riders gets a 6 out of 10!