i think Sonic is so cool,they were some hard parts but that is how the game needs to be.hard!, the graphics are awesome!

User Rating: 10 | Sonic and the Secret Rings WII
there is no hard parts but if you guys really need help the hardest part i say is beating Erazor Dijnn,the first time...but the second time is easy...i can beat it with my hands tied behind my back...maybe, i wouldn't be able to move the wiimote lol.The next hard part was mabey the robot that comes out of the lava or whatever it is. and it is hard because when he goes down...sometimes i am in the lava and i kill myself.oh! and if anybody need help on a level...i am here to help...i have already beat the whole game and every level on it, i beat it about 2 weeks ago! it was the best day of my life!!!!.