User Rating: 7.3 | Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island SAT
This game sucked hard. Sonic looks pudgy around the waist, and Tails looks constipated. Dont play this game. The rest of my review is pointless so dont read it. Actually the whole review is pointless. Did I mention I like dogs? They are such cool pets. It would be cool to train them to kill people. Maybe it can capture Sonic and train him to kill people! I can Sonic the Killer Hedgehog! It will surely rack up more games, knowing Sonic was exclusive to the M Rating. Oh well, it will never happen, seeing how SEGA screwed up the Sonic series with Sonic Adventure. It you have 5 bucks, but a coke or something, dont play the game that I on;y talked about for the first 2 lines.