SOCOM U.S Navy Seals Review

User Rating: 9 | SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
This is the review for SOCOM U.S Navy Seals

This game is a hard single player classic game.

This is the first SOCOM ever alltogether and on PS2, even this game is pretty old it still feature SOCOM's classic online web play and the headset for communicating with your fireteam by voice.

With this game still featurig the old:

Tango at 11:00 High

It is all the harder to find the target in question.

This game does not have checkpoints so if you are on a really hard and long mission and you die just near the end you have to start from the beginning, luckilly the fantastic grahics make up for it.

Unfortunatly unlike SOCOM 3 you cannot add scopes or suppressors to your weapons which means ther is no M16A2 with high scope.

The rank system of the game is much different from any other SOCOM game, while the normal SOCOM game has ranks like:


This game has ranks like:

Lieutenant Jr. Grade

And on this game you can tell that as you progress through the ranks the game gets a whole lot harder. Same missions, same game just a whole lot harder.

Review by SOCOMFAN2