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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Make secondary weapon look like your primary weapon

    This works best on-line, right before the round starts press the L2 button rappidly, if the bottom left hand side of the screen says the name of the secondary gun(for ex. Mark23SD) but your holding a primary(for ex. M41ASD) then it worked, you'll look like you're shooting a rifle, but really be shooting a handgun.

    Contributed by: aquabats 

  2. Talk-in-Lobby on Headset

    This glitch exposes one person on each team to talk while in the game lobby forever until the game loads up to the next map.

    *Note* Only one person on each team can do this each game. It won't work if two people try.

    Once the ladie's voice comes on saying SEALs victorious or Terrorists Win and it's the last round then count to 15 slowly.
    Next hold the mic button (O) then press start.
    It shows the stats then when you get back to the lobby you'll hear a beep in your mic.
    This means you can talk to everyone on your team until next game and you've done it correctly.

    Contributed by: l DeRanGeD l 

  3. Iron Munkey Game [256+ Rounds]

    To create a 256+ Round game online in SOCOM

    Follow these steps:
    1. Host a game.
    2. Put only one map in the map list.
    3. Have at least one guy on each side plus yourself [Because you get kicked out of the game]
    4. Tell everyone to Green ^.
    5. Hit eject DVD.
    6. Then go into the armory right away.
    7. Push the eject button again.
    8. Hit return to lobby.
    9. Wait 10 seconds or [4ce]
    10. Your screen will go black when it starts to load the game, so after 7-10 secs hold the reset button.
    11. Reset your PS2 and log onto SOCOM again.
    12. Rejoin your Iron Munkey game.
    13. The score will show 193-0 for SEALS.
    14. Have fun the game will go up to 256 rounds. [Takes about 4+ hours to finish]

    Contributed by: l DeRanGeD l 

  4. Use your Secondary Gun out of your Primary Gun

    This glitch allows you to use your primary weapon out of your secondary gun or vice versa. Make sure the weapon you want to be using is set on a hot key (L2 or L1). Now switch to the weapon you want to use and reload a split second afterwards. You'll be using the gun you switched to out of the gun you were holding before hand.

    Contributed by: nicknle 

  5. Hidden Headset commands

    Just say these commands in single player

    ''Bravo diffuse bomb:'' Point your crosshairs on a bomb and this will automatically defuse it.

    ''Bravo open door:'' Point your crosshairs at a door and this will unlock it.

    ''Breech, bang, clear:'' Point your crosshairs at an open room and all your squad members will throw grenades inside.

    ''Team low profile:'' Your squad will go into Stealth mode.

    ''Hands up, get down:'' Say this to guards to get them to do it.

    ''Don't ask, don't tell:'' Your teammates will not help you very much.

    ''Bravo snipe:'' Your teammate will use their sniper rifle.

    ''Bravo open door:'' Your teammate will open the door.

    ''Bravo kill me:'' Your team will kill you.

    ''Bravo report status:'' Your team will tell you their details.

    ''I got a gun; what do you got?:'' Find out what weapons they have.

    Contributed by: boxcar182 

  6. Use M16A2 in the first mission without having to beat the game first

    To use the M16A2 instead of the HDK5 SD/HDK 5, start a NEW GAME when at the breifing room go to the ARMORY and select PRIMARY WEAPON as soon as the HDK5 SD appears quickly press left and right on the D-pad for a few seconds and while still pressing left and right hit triangle to exit out of that menu. When you press the PRIMARY WEAPON option again the weapon should disappear. Once that is confirmed press triangle a couple more times to go back to where you change the equipment for your SEALS members. Click on Kahuna or any other SEALS member and click on PRIMARY WEAPON when you click on it the space for the HDK5 SD should still be blank. Press X and your HDK5 SD should now be the M16A2.

    Contributed by: disturbed55643 

  7. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    To Unlock the Level Select option, beat the game on the ''Lieutenent Junior Grade'' rank, and Level Select will be availible. Level Select
    To Unlock the MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) just beat the game three times, and it will be availible. MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher)
    Upon beating the game with the rank of ''Ensign'', you will be able to select Terrorist Weapons in the Armory, in the Single-Player Missions. Terrorist Weapons

    Contributed by: LiMpBiZkitFaN 

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