You dont know what you missed out on! or if you did play this then you will know what im talking about.

User Rating: 10 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
In my opinion the best game on the PS2, people would argue but like I said its my opinion not yours. I really never got into games like these but Socom 2 really got me hooked, games like Rainbow six Vegas.
The single player was decent but I never played too much, I did complete it a few times to unlock the multiplayer skins. Other than that it was just standard, and had its fun missions and its crappy ones too. But really if you owned Socom 2 and played its single player over the multiplayer your nuts because even today it had the best multiplayer experience. It had the most fun, longest lasting, and biggest community of multiplayer on the PS2. The game online lasted like three to four years and had the most people online for a PS2 multiplayer game. I remember playing this all day just taking a few breaks because it was that fun. Well I remember making many name because you could and didn't have to stick to just one like today. Well on my main account I had close to 30,000 kills and that took years of playing because it kept stats but the ranked matches were all one spawn no re spawn like today. I had a few other accounts with a couple thousand kills on them. Even today the most kills I have in game would be Halo 3 and that's 27,000 kills and it has re spawn so you can see the dedication to that one game. There so many maps you can play but if you only wanted to play one map if it was your favorite you could do that. Plenty of different weapons and other accessories. As well have a friends list, black list and as well as a in game clan option so you didn't have to make one on game battles, but you could if you wanted to.

Summary: Ok single player but who cares when the multiplayer is so damn fun. Best multiplayer I have ever played, the longest and biggest as well.