Best online game I ever played in my whole life..pretty much took half of my life growing up in my teen years lol.

User Rating: 9.5 | SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs PS2
Everything about this game is a instant classic, after socom 1 us navy seals came out I was hooked good game, but socom 2 put it on the map, not just good but excellent. Everything about this game took my life away lol. Single player was so good and challenging that when you beat the game on hard, you had to play elite, then after elite it was admiral which was a challenge for me and gave me a run for my money. But playing and beating the SP, you would unlock characters and take them to the online play. I really enjoyed the SP its one of my top 3 on my list as one of the best single players ive played besides the metal gear solid series.

And for the MP, this was by far one of the best online games that I have ever played, and Socom was a head of its time with its MP. Where can I start...the game had 22 maps on it, and with the way online gaming is more popular now then back than games should put all there maps in and stop being greedy and ripping people off with there half a double ss lol DLC. Another thing I like about the online play thats missing in today's online lobbies. Lobbies was so much fun in this game, clans use to have there own lobbies that they stayed in and would protect..and clans like mines would come into there lobbie, into there rooms and take over it and try to start something very fun back then. Also they had clan war lobbies, where you can go into a clan war lobbies, put up a war room to see if some1 is looking for a war. Like a 2v2, 5v5, full 8v8 ect..that came in handy. But the closet thing that made this game really enjoyable online was making friends and close friends at that on this game. Till this day some of the friends on my psn list is nothing but old school socom players. This game was like a 2nd family coming home too. I could remember getting off of school, joining the friends off my list and just be playing non stop, or make a excuse not to go to work ad just stay home and play socom lol. imo YOU WILL NEVER SEE A ONLINE GAME AND COMMUNITY LIKE THIS AGAIN.

Thats what I meant by this game was a head of its time the last 2 socoms were a let down, sure socom confrontation was made by a different developers (slant six), but it was the closet thing to re living that socom feel..but it was terrible with the problems it had. Socom 4 of course made by Zipper which made the the past socoms (but different team back then) on the ps2, they did horrible as well with this so called new experience with socom 4 which I didnt too much enjoy, If they want to bring that socom feel back they need to make this game again in HD, and bring that online feel back to the gaming world cause today's gaming period sucks.