One of the better Xbox Live Arcade Games.. Crazy Fighting game that is really fun and worth the 10 bucks Real Sco

User Rating: 8 | Small Arms X360
Xbox Live is one of the greatest online gaming systems ever made. Even though you can't surf the web you can.. Download movies, play demos, Play unrealesed Demos, Download themes, icons, and play people online,etc... Now They have a Arcade featuring old games/ remakes of old games, or New brand new oringinal games.. Small Arms falls under this.. Small arms is basically a Choaotic Weapon Fighting game that is great multiplayer fun!

When you first get the game you have many different options, you have your standard Single and Multiplayer. Along with online play.. there is also different Modes of Single player that is there as well.. You start off the game with 10 characters then having another 5 unlockable and 2 more downloadable.. All the characters a very unique and have a personality that reflects their projectile. I think this is one of Small Arms best aspects becuase it it shows 17 very cool characters..

The gameplay can be a little too crazy.. Its a def. Clone of the Nintendo's Smash Bros.. but smash bros combines both to make the game more enjoyable.. here this game has some funky controls and you can hardly see what the hell your doing most of the time. Each player starts off with their own gun.. but you can use every gun in the game with every character.. all the guns are pick up weapons that you can swap through out the game play. Each gun has a regular shot along with a specal shot.. lets look at the main character Marky Kat.. He has a regular Machine gun.. and his 2nd special shot is his Shot gun that blast people away up close and does a lot of damage.. each wepon is different so finding your favorite is your best chance in beating your challanger..

The Graphics in this game look great.. For an Xbox Live Arcade game its breath taking to be honest.. lost of details in both characters and backgrounds.. the physics engine looks great and you can interact with the "meat" that appears in the game for health. One of the better looking Live Games and it looks like a regular Xbox 360 game as far as graphics..

The Multiplayer is the best part of this game.. You can play up to four players online or offline.. its a lot funner then versing the computer. cause they can be cheap and they will gang up on you.. sometimes its hard to understand how loose or who wins.. the scoring system is kinda complecated.. Overall this is a personal Favorite for XLA and with a old school spin and crazy game.. if your into crazy fighting games like Smash bros, or Power stone this is for you.. plus with the price tag bring only 10 bucks its quite a deal!


Gameplay: Crazy.. maybe a little too much since controls are not perfect.. and it can get hard to keep track of where you are.. but its fun!
Graphics: Looks great! lots of details and looks like a 360 game! Sound: sound effects are great.. music is meh
Value: 10 bucks.. nuff said great 10 bucks!
Overall: Great game download this if you had not already!