A great game in almost every section and even after a decade is worth playing.

User Rating: 8.5 | Sled Storm PS
- Good number of tracks
- Performing tricks is fun
- Excellent sense of speed
- Awesome upgrades

- Players heads come off when loading next track
- It's easy to fall from the snowmobile

Sled Storm is a very fun game which uses the snow environment is such a way to convert fun and excitement in this game. No shortage of things to do, plenty of upgrades, numerous characters including some hidden.

Most of the races are on mountains and they are different. There are also some racing courses on ice of course. The AI can be tough at times especially when playing racing championships (forgot the name exactly). You can perform tricks by pressing the 2 shoulder button (L2 or R2). Performing tricks earn you points, the riskier they are the higher. Sometimes you won't succeed but nothing happens to the character, even if you end up falling from a mountain.

Buying parts to increase your snowmobile status is awesome. You can buy lights, well basically every part. You can change the weather, whether if it's snowing or not, but if you take part in the main mode of the game which is a set of races you can get a new character, plus tracks which contain fog and even at night.

The track design is exactly how it should be, both fast and unforgiving. If you try going up when it is too slope you will fall. Many, many shortcuts are to be found here, and taking them means keeping head with the AI. Some shortcuts are hidden, meaning that you have to destroy something to find it. Multiplayer mode is found here as well.

When you finish a track and the game is ready is load the next, watch carefully and see if the players heads move to a different place with the player remaining headless, I don't know if it's just me. Some load times can be long at times. Some good soundtrack is found on Sled Storm, and it can be changed when loading the race. The graphics are superb here, the snow looks very realistic, but overall everything looks great.

Nonetheless, for a PS1 game is a great one. Plenty of things to do, fun and challenging gameplay, this is one that almost everyone has to experience, and those interested in this kind of thing, shouldn't hesitate to play it, even if it has got a decade on its back.


Graphics = 9.0
I had never seen better snow on the PS1 before this. The track design is excellent and the weather can really determine the outcome of the race.

Sound = 8.1
Soundtrack doesn't stand out much, the sound effects are average but the character's voices are the best here.

Presentation = 8.5
There's no shortage of modes here either, no cutscenes to be found, some load times can be slightly long, but the setting is superb.

Gameplay = 9.2
One of the best racing games I've played in a while with plenty of upgrades, tracks and a challenging AI ensures those devoted in those things won't get bored easily. Performing tricks is pretty cool, taking and finding shortcuts is fun, but can become repetitive over time. There's also a multiplayer mode.

Camera = 8.0
The placement is good, I didn't have a problem.

Final Score = 8.5 / 10
A great game in almost every section and even after a decade is worth playing.