One of those great games which don't grab the headlines

User Rating: 8.6 | Sled Storm PS
Back when the playstation was THE console to have, I tried the demo of this but for some reason never actually bought the game. Five years on I had a mental rejog of a game I played involving lots of snow and sleds! Looked it up, game maybe involving word sled. Hey preston! Sled storm. Bought it on ebay the following day.

I didn't know what to expect, having scarcely played the playstation for about five years nor not having played this game. Put it on, ok didn't instantly thrill me. I continued playing, however, and then thought what a great game this is. An array of snow jumps, music which seemed to fit in well with the game and really quite nicely designed courses. For two quid I thought, I got myself a nice bargain. I've found it does have a sequel pleasingly called Sled Storm 2 on the PS2. But, if someone is looking for an enjoyable snow racing game for the playstation I'd recommend this.