really fun recomend it to all

User Rating: 10 | Sled Storm PS
From the the insane tricks they do in air or the raoring thunder of the Sled streaming against the snow or the cometition yelling at your face.

There is something about this game that bringes out the joy in people,
this game is great if you have like 3 or more friends and a PLaystation multitap with four controllers that makes the awsome or if its ust you cosamizing your sled to beat the copetition only to find out that you can costaamize it more this game is amazing from its stunning graphics to the intense game play. Doing tricks gets you points shorcuts make you win and hiting stuff gives you A LOT of pionts like if you run a bunny over you get like 5000 pionts this game is so amazing that it just I can't even thing of a word for it but Its AWSOME.