SOASE > a long shot.

User Rating: 9 | Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion PC
the only candle HW can hold to SOASE is its deep storyline, plot, and atmosphere surrounding the games SP campaign...which is the only lacking feature in SOASE. otherwise....SOASE absolutely obliterates HW in every way imaginable. the Complex Simple mod for HW2 feels like a predecessor for SOASE. it essentially upgrades HW2 into HW3, minus a new engine. trust me, i am a HARDCORE HW fan and i am DYING for HW3....but even so.....SOASE franchise > HW franchise. even if HW3 came out, it would have to compete with SOASE which i dont think it would be able to do, unless they crossed Freelancer with HW. (someone already tried it). as for the longevity for SOASE...Stardock has made sure SOASE's modding tools and community are arguably THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. yes...that is a bold statement, but it does not come unheeded: or

it is only a matter of time before a full featured HW mod is developed for SOASE. that is when the universe will collapse. completely.