Not the sequel I expected. Played it for 40+ hours but get disappointed by the small cities and online mode requirement.

User Rating: 1.5 | SimCity PC
Not the sequel I expected. I played it for 40+ hours but get disappointed by the very small cities and opportunities. I don`t see the real benefits using this always online requirement. The social interactions are limited, and it is ridiculous that someone else can harm your city. Also these natural disasters are ridiculous, and happen too many times.

Thank god I could choose another game from EA when all these SimCity servers went to shitz. I am playing Battlefield 3 more than ever and in that sense I am happy. SimCity is not worth buying in my opinion. I will try to revisit some time and hope things have changed dramatically, but my hopes are not high.

Also if you have designed a city in some way it is difficult to change it later on. Changing a high density street to an avenue? Not possible. Changing the route of a road that is connected to a building? Forget it without destroying your hard earned building.

It is just NO fun to play this game.