One month on, still broken. This game is a con.

User Rating: 1.5 | SimCity PC
I won't even talk about the gameplay because there is no point. This game is broken. I have started 4 cities to date and each of them I have lost due to synchronisation errors with the server. Initially, they just roll back and I lose a few hours work, then they disappear completely from existence. It's an absolute joke, this was in a region I was doing myself with no other players, a single player game, yet server issues mean I can't play them any more. While I'm on that, the reason I do single player games is because I click join game and all I can see are regions that are full. I'm not going to sit for hours and click through until I find a spare region, this kind of thing should be simple, this is the basics of what was supposed to be an important part of the game. And to top it off, I can't get my money back. This game is a con.