A brilliantly programmed game, completely ruined by the marketing department.

User Rating: 1.5 | SimCity PC
This is clearly a fantastic game, one that has had lots of thought put into every nuance, from the tilt-shift graphics to the crisp clean data overlays. You would think, looking at screenshots that this game was faultless.

As soon as you try to play, you realise you were wrong.

IF you can log on to EA's increasingly hopeless DRM servers, and IF your city isn't randomly deleted, you are greeted by graphical bugs, unexpected crashes and a host of other issues and half-decent game developer would have ironed out during a beta.

Worst of all, anyone wanting to return the game for a refund is not only refused, but there have even been instances of people being threatened by EA, who say that their origin account would be banned and all other paid for games would be lost.

EA have really shot themselves in the foot when this game could have been legendary and a huge new franchise for EA.

Unless you are the most die-hard sim city fan do not buy this game. It needs fixing, badly.