EA is now officially on my crap list.

User Rating: 1.5 | SimCity PC
You release another broken game? I am so pissed right now. EA... you have now jumped the shark again... I will vote with my cash elsewhere. Problem with this stupid game is that it a complete waste of time. (all games are a waste to some extent)

But we gamers put our money and time into something and we expect YOUR best effort. This is a half assed, turd that needs another 6 months in development. Also, your feeble attempt to tie your SIM worlds together is pointless. Simcity people don't want to watch people play basketball, or watch people watch fake tv's... we want to build and develop and test, and destroy, etc...

You have taken Sim City 4, lobotimized it, put a pretty dress on it and told us that it's the best thing you've ever made. Do the developers of this tripe realize they have killed a excellent franchise? Last broken game I ever buy from EA. Last game I'll ever buy from EA. Get Bent EA.