Don't waste your money

User Rating: 1 | SimCity PC
If you ask me to buy Simcity 2013 my answer is : No
Don't waste your money. Maxis should improve this game. There are lots of problems. Until they release an update, it is better not to buy this game!

There are also lots of problems with servers. Infrastructure is totally down. People are really getting angry. Of course there are good sides of game but at the moment it is unnecessary to play and buy this game! Online is a big plus but assume that one your connection is down so you are not able to play this game and you will have to wait until your connection is on. Another thing is related with maps. Maps sizes are really small. I dont understant why do they restrict about map sizes? Maybe because of online gaming. We have been waiting this game for couple of years because Simcity Society was also a disaster. Maxis unfortunately didnt meet people highly expectations from Simcity 2013.

I will keep playing Simcity 4 :(