Hurt my brain

User Rating: 5 | SimCity DS DS
Im sure if I played the game longer I would have possibly enjoyed it. This game , overall, hurt my brain. I wanted to rip my hair out. I think sim city games should only be for consoles, not handheld. It was so hard to see stuff, and there is just so much going on with both the screens that it was so overwhelming. I'm the type that likes to relax and play a game majority of the time. Well this gave me a headache, my eyes watered, and I felt completely lost while playing. I guess if you are a fan of SimCity then go and try it out. My boyfriend enjoyed playing it, but I just found that there was too many instructions. Too much to handle. OVERLOADED. The game just didn't have me interested enough. I could never get everything balanced out with the commercial, industrial, and residential areas. I could barely read the small writing that scrolls across the bottom of the top screen. Just too much for me to take in at a time. Makes me feel like I'm getting too old for games. That made me sad.