A great game that suffers from few frustrating negatives.

User Rating: 8.3 | SimCity DS DS
When you play simcity you have two modes of play, where one is for you to build from the ground up and other is for to save a already built city. Before you do that you are going to go through the tutorial, which i believe is necessity to play the game. After going through the tutorial your going to notice that the controls are little hard to get used but after awhile you will get used to it. After getting used to the control your still going to get frustrated at times because you have to precise with things like bulldozing which is hard to do on a small screen.

After doing the tutorial, i started to build my own city saw a loading screen that took not a lot time but enough time to be noticeable which was a first for me to see on the ds. After the loading screen and started playing i saw a city with pretty great graphics that was way better than my expectations.(You start with already built part of city if you start on a basic) This great because your going to be playing this game for long time and it will better for your eyes. I don't really listen to sound on ds games because they are usually not that special and for this game its not that any different. One of nice thing about thing about this game is that there is a ton of stuff to unlock and the game never actually ends which makes it have high replay value and worth the money.

One of things that is really annoying is the people who constantly ask for to build something ever 3 minutes and its really annoy especially when you already have hundreds of the things they ask for. Another negative to this game is that useless assistant that you have and doesn't really help you at all.

Overall, simcity is great game that suffer from a few frustrating negatives. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a ds game that will use a lot of their time while they wait for the new Zelda game for the ds or anyone who enjoys the playing the simcity games.