Pretty Fun game

User Rating: 7.1 | SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition PC
This game is a lot better than the ones before it.

The gameplay is pretty fun. Comparing this game to the other sim city games, this game is amazing, but to other games it can get boring after a while. It is mainly like the other games except a lot easier to actuall build a city. You actually get a lot of money and it makes the game last for a longer time. It was cool how you could fly around in planes or ride around in cars and do missions. That makes the game last a little bit longer. It doesn't last long enough for me though.

The graphics on this game are decent. They are pretty good for the other sim citys but once again, not better than other games. They look good and all but sometimes, or should I say a lot of times, they look really bad. Thats mainly while you are riding in something though. Also while you are driving the game skips and makes you crash and lose the mission. That gets very frustrating.

The sound is pretty good. It's good sound but can get after a while, just like the game. The music is also the same to so it gets annoying. Theres nothing really to say about the sound. It's just...normal.

Overall, this game is fun but probably won't last you as long as other games.