User Rating: 9 | SimCity 3000 PC
SC3000 takes a step in to the next generation of gaming with brand new graphics, and a revamped gameplay. First, the graphics are totally new, and i think the makers tried to go for the psuedo-3D graphics, and they did a very good job at it. The game runs very smooth if you meet the minimum requirements, but things slow down if you are on a larger map and people starts coming in to your town. Everything about this game is looking nice, and there is also a building editor; now you can make any kind of building you wanted to! There is a big change in the gameplay department. This time around, you can create farms, hadling the water system is much improved, and you have advisors who tell you how to run your city more efficiently. Perhaps the biggest thing about the game is the deals you can make with the neighboring cities, and they do bring in plenty of money. There are also bonus offers, like a Casino, or a big mall; which also bring in plenty of cash! For Simcity series, this is a good way to head in to the next generation, because this is an awesome game. There are plenty of options to keep you busy for a long time!