Build a city (or destroy it) . . .

User Rating: 8.4 | SimCity 3000 PC
So this is a series that has been around for some time. Maxis has been one of the more successful long-term companies in the business and they were set to deliver with this one.

Sim City 3000 contains all of the city building, people pleasing, disaster preventing action that you are used to in the other versions. The Sim series has been one of those where nothing they produce is ever actually bad (except maybe the SimTower kind of). Anyway, the game is set up just like the others, with a couple of a newer and more involved features. You can zoom in closer on the screen to the point that you can make out individual cars and people. You also have to keep track of more things, like the effects of a dump on the surrounding neighborhoods and the needs of the cities around you. You may be able to set up agreements between cities to loan power for profit or take trash for profit.

The downside to the game is that it has an all-or-nothing complex. The game will tell you that you are in diaster status one minute and that other cities are loving your design the next. The idols and iconic buildings that you can create are basically worthless and you can add up to 10 to any city. Your advisors are usually right on the money, but they may ignore the positive effects of building a country club and simply play it off as taking up space.

I really like this game, but it would be interesting to see the direction the series takes with new technological advancements.