A very bad console adaptation.

User Rating: 4.5 | SimCity 2000 PS
Game Review-Playstation-SimCity 2000

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Released: July 9, 1996
Publisher: Maxis
Game Genre: Modern City-Building

Gameplay: 50%
Graphics: 30%
Durability: 20%

Gameplay (5/10)
SimCity 2000 allows you to start a city from scratch. By starting a city with a power plant, water tower and some zoning, the goal is to establish a flourishing utopia. You can play three modes. There is easy ($20,000), medium ($10,000) and hard ($10k bond).

Various buildings pop up as time passes and the city population grows. With tax revenue you can build more advanced buildings, such as schools, colleges, parks, zoos and emergency buildings; police departments, fire departments and hospitals.

Graphics (5/10)
There is no graphical feature in this game that touches mediocre.

Durability (3/10)

Overall Score (4.6/10)
Rounded Score (4.5/10)

Final Thoughts:
The game should have stayed on the computer. The console adaptation could have at least had some better options.