quick, honest review from a survival horror fan

User Rating: 8 | Silent Hill: Downpour PS3
I played every Silent Hill game, this game isn't as amazing as the Dead Space games, but it has a new twist on the series. Previous SH games revolves about the story on the town, this one revolves around your player and his past/ secrets. Unlike homecoming, you're not a deadly combatant and it makes it more real, here is the break down Pros/cons:

PROS: Weapon Break down, great puzzles (you can set the difficulty), you can only carry what you can realistically hold (no more carry 10 weapons at one time, so 1 gun and a melee weapon is all your carrying), 3D looks like a really good addition to the PS3 version, side quest are really enjoyable, beginning intro and music set the game up great, voice acting is very good along with the back story of your character and how it unfolds.

CONS: frequent frame rate issues(patch this soon), some of your decision don't impact the story much like you would think, players screams come at odd times and doesn't fit the character, game focuses more running and fighting as little as you can, very few encounters on the road(monster are far and few in between and no appearances of any old monsters from the previous tiltes(i.e pyramid head), besides the intro music(which is really good and during all cut scenes) game play music is toned down too much, and lack of scare factor.

Overall, it's an improvement from the previous title and a must buy for survival horror fans! For what this genre is I'm really confused this game would be rated lower than a 7.5, I don't see how it could be, my score would of been higher if it wasn't for the frame rate issues. Also, If this game was not from the SH series I think it would be rated higher, but it lacks some great things from the previous titles were great, but on the plus side it also adds some great things to the series as well.