best silent hill game in a long time any true fan should enjoy this game

User Rating: 9.5 | Silent Hill: Downpour PS3
Downpour met all my expectations, its everything I wanted in a silent hill game.
The game builds and builds with tension, the storyline and atmosphere are the strongest parts about the game.
The game takes its time, and slowly builds the tension, and this is a good thing, it doesn't just throw action and blood at you every 2 seconds.
The music and sound effects are the best Ive heard from the series since The Room.
The controlls and camera work really well, and are easy to get a hang of.
The fighting is also easy to get a hang of, but your better off running cause the enemies deal out the damage.
I love the new weapon system, it really builds up tension not knowing when your weapon will break, but its not frustrating like in Origins
This is not Homecoming, this is something better.
I'd say the best silent hill game since part 3

Now for the bad which isn't much.
The character models look a little rough around the edges, and the frame-rate lags a bit, but there's so many great things about this game, that these issues are easily ignored
I feel silent hill is back, and Vatra did an awesome job.