User Rating: 10 | Silent Hill: Downpour PS3
An excellent addition to the Silent Hill franchise! I love the option to choose good or evil. Reminds me of Condemned and The Suffering mixed into one glorious game. Opening prison scene is very graphic so be ready for it. Great element of mystery. Easy controls, love the option to choose easy, medium or hard. Murphy Pendleton makes an awesome lead, a very likable character despite his being in prison. (him being handsome didn't hurt!) Very engaging, makes you want Murphy to escape, even if it is to Silent Hill. Music isn't the same without Yakaira but it's ok, Silent Hill is Silent Hill no matter what. They kept the same sound effects of turning pages and finding weapons. Graphics are clear and game play is smooth. Unlike Shattered Memories you have ample weapons! Love the option to put your flashlight on your hip or hold it.

You definitely have to check this one out. Go out and buy it today!