I had high hopes for this game when it came out, BUT THIS DISGRACES MOST OF THE LEGENDS IN THIS GAME

User Rating: 4 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
I'm a huge wrestling fan, so when I heard about showdown coming out years ago, I got really excited for a game to show off legends of the world of pro wrestling. It was a letdown to say the least. The entrance themes were wrong for the most part, taking away from the reality of the game. Every character looked hulked up like hulk hogan, even shawn michaels, which also took away from the reality. Not to mention the character models look terrible. The gameplay itself is just awful. The AI will either be too easy or counter everything you do, and moves are a chore to pull off. Just getting out of the ring to get a weapon is a real pain. Some good parts about this game are the taunts, which stay true to each legend and the number of legends to choose from. Besides that there is nothing much to this game besides frustration and poor design.


1. Huge number of legends to choose from
2. Taunts and finishers stay true to each legend


1. Every character model looks terrible
2. The gameplay and controls are too hard to master and sloppy
3. Entrance themes are all wrong
4. Reality of the game is severely lacking
5. Terrible AI