Really bad not worth the money to many faults with it

User Rating: 2.3 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
I bought this game about 2004 that was when my ps2 was still working and buying this i had made a huge mistake because the truth is this game is just terrible. I took the game around my friend's house and we were playing 2 player i was Eddie Guerrero i forgot who my friend was now and Eddie did a jump from the top rope and he froze in midair, i was like wtf is going onthere is just so many bad things on this game. Even if you are a WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA fan i dont even think your going to like it cause its just boring and feels like Acclaim put no effort in to making it. The themes are not good there just remakes of there original themes. No wonder Acclaim got bankrupt in 2004 because there games weren't getting good at all. I hope in the near years to come there is no more Legends of Wrestling all of them i played and there terrible and there all to slow.