A swift kick to my sense of nostalgia's groin.

User Rating: 2.2 | Showdown: Legends of Wrestling PS2
The only reason for getting involved with Showdown is because it contains a slew of old school wrestlers, many of whom are pushing up daisies. Seriously, where on God's green Earth are you going to find the likes of the Ultimate Warrior or Jake "the Snake" Roberts outside of a rehab clinic or some county fair wrestling show? Nowhere, that's where. My mother gave away my wrestling figures from when I was a kid and now I'm left with this sad excuse for a game to relive my childhood hero worship of roid raging megalomaniacs with man-boobs. Since Acclaim bit the big one already - mom's got to go!... to a nursing home with very cold bedpans... in like thirty years.

Showdown was either rushed out the door too soon, or Acclaim never gave a damn in the first place. I vote for the later, as Acclaim is no more due to some shady business dealings. Every feature of this game is buggy or incomplete to some degree. The create a wrestler is a hollow attempt to lend some depth to the game's pool of wrestlers which is deep but lacking in guys like Ric Flair who they didn't have the rights to. The wrestling action is abysmal and frustrating. The story mode is an embarrassment. Frankly, I'd rather be forced to wet myself in a pair of Khakis in Time's Square than admit ownership of this dud. Luckily, the Internet allows for some anonymity so that I might warn people away from buying ths crap... don't even steal it - it's that bad. May the ghosts of all the dead wrestlers whose memory was desecrated by being included in this "game" haunt the former executives of Accalim and anyone party to releasing this trash.