Shining Force II worthy of the name!

User Rating: 9.8 | Shining Force II: Inishie no Fuuin GEN
Shining Force II returned in 1993 with better graphics and music, and i think really putting a lot of beauty into the Sega Genesis. What a well done game, in my mind even better than the first one. The story continues on and journey all over for another great adventure. The addition of Difficulty Levels was really nice. I beat it on the hardest setting, and you pretty much can't make any mistakes or it could cost you the battle.

The controls are the same as the first game pretty much, and if there was anything wrong with them before they were fixed for this game. The game i think plays better than the first one in some less noticeable aspects of the game and is really well done.


Graphics are pretty much the Genesis almost at its best. I think Phantasy Star IV was better but that this was almost right with it. I love this games graphics, definitly nice and easy on the eyes, and very exciting and other parts.

The sound is really well done, some new music and you're in disbelief that its Genesis.


This game is worth a lot in my eyes, pick up a copy whenever u see it. It is one of the best Strategy RPG's i have ever played. You can't go wrong, even if u don't like RPG's, play this game, although if u haven't played the first one you should play that one too, because its pretty much as good as this game and a lot of people say better than this game too.

Shining Force II is a game i'll never forget it, you gotta play it.