Underrated and awesome

User Rating: 8 | Shadows of the Damned PS3

I was bored and needed a new game to play. So after checking out a few games on youtube I liked what I saw when I played a demo of Shadows of the Damned.

Let's get the bad out of the way first. You can't skip any of the cut scenes. And a lot of them are pretty lengthy, especially at the beginning. Its a major pain when you want to play through it a second time. But other than that, the story is what it is. You play a demon hunter who has to rescue your girlfriend deep in the bowels of hell. There is a lot of witty and rather naughty dialogue. As an example, one of the guns you shoot is named 'big boner'. So, try and get a picture from that what this game is like in terms of its humour.

You get three difficulty levels to choose from, the easiest making the player feel guilty for selecting. You will have to see why, no spoilers here, but its pretty funny. On your quest you have a guide that tells you what to do and accompanies you throughout, and its your guide that voices many of the wisecracks. The actual gameplay is a lot of fun! After playing the Dead Space games it can be said that Shadows of the Damned has that type of feeling. You shoot a seemingly endless amount of demons and confront bosses. The game is not overly challenging but it may test your patience at certain times. You get your standard upgrades and whatnot as you progress so your weapons become stronger. The demons have a habit of accurately hitting you so you will find that you will be consuming the game's energy drinks quite a lot. The graphics are pretty good, about standard. Nothing exceptional. Same goes for the audio.

My initial playthrough took about 10 hours but my second was about 6. That may or may not include the duration of the cut scenes, which I estimate to be a couple of hours in length, total.

Overall, I love Shadows of the Damned. Its a heck of a lot better than Lollipop Chainsaw which I also purchased with it.