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  • speedy2056 wrote a review of DOOM.
    User Rating 8
    A Fun Way To Spend A Few Hours, But Has Shortcomings With Longevity

    I never got around to playing the original Doom back in the 1990's and I have no idea whether the version on the PS4 is a straight remake or a complete revision. However, I thought I would give it a ...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Just Cause 3.
    User Rating 9
    A Rollicking Good Time!

    Although I think that the influx of gaming choices for the Playstation 4 have been disappointing so far, Just Cause 3 has to be one exception!Before reading on, it's important to realise that any deg...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Dante's Inferno.
    User Rating 8
    Non stop enjoyment

    Dante's Inferno may be thought of as a God of War rip-off. And it is. In many ways. But just like its predecessor, there is still a lot of fun to be had.The story is a simple one. You are on a quest ...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Shadows of the Damned.
    User Rating 8
    Underrated and awesome

    I was bored and needed a new game to play. So after checking out a few games on youtube I liked what I saw when I played a demo of Shadows of the Damned.Let's get the bad out of the way first. You ca...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Assassin's Creed Rogue.
    User Rating 4
    Should have been titled Black Flag 1.5

    Assassins Creed: Rogue is a sad and lazy effort in the last entry on the Playstation 3. While it may retain most of the fun there was to be had in Black Flag everything about the game is familiar terr...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of The Evil Within (Includes the Fighting Chance Pack).
    User Rating 6
    Too frustrating at times but it pulls you in.....once

    It was either Alien Isolation or The Evil WIthin. After reading and watching some videos of Alien Isolation it seemed too much like a stealth game with little actual gameplay so I decided to go for Th...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Bulletstorm.
    User Rating 7
    Great light fun

    Bulletstorm is a first person shooter game. That already may sound tedious depending what you like but this time there is a twist. You have to kill as many enemies in the goriest of ways in order to r...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Watch Dogs.
    User Rating 7
    Despite the many negative opinions, Watch Dogs is almost solid

    I had been looking forward to getting this game for a long time. The idea that you could hack into various things to take down your adversaries was an original concept to me, at least in the gaming wo...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Terminator Salvation.
    User Rating 6
    Like most movie tie-ins, do not expect much

    I purchased this game last week for the measly sum of £4, so even if the game sucked at least I could take comfort in knowing that I never spent much to play it. I enjoyed the iphone version of ...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Rambo: The Video Game.
    User Rating 6
    Not a total disaster

    I bought Rambo knowing that the game would be bad....very bad. I didn't even rush to play it when I bought it home. I still had Tomb Raider to complete. Once I did, I put the Rambo disk in the machin...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Grand Theft Auto V.
    User Rating 8
    Great but finished still wanting a lot more

    I always thought that GTA IV was one of the best games to grace the PS3 and XBOX 360 so V had a lot to live up to in my eyes. Does it pull it off? It sure does but in no way is it a perfect game.The...

  • speedy2056 wrote a review of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.
    User Rating 9
    Underdog game of the year

    I wasn't particularly looking forward to playing this game but being big into the franchise I knew I would but never had much hope for it after playing the abysmal AC III. Well, what a surprise. A hu...