Despite lag and a terrible interface, this is a pretty sweet game (plus, it's free).

User Rating: 8 | Shadowbane PC
:Good Idea:
·Well, the game is free. You don't get much better than free.
·The Player Vs. Player system is something unseen in MMORPGs. Instead of fighting in an arena, someone can come beat the crap out of you in a field and steal your inventory. It makes you want to be aware and think about the people you trust.
·When you decide to be a punk, you can go out and murder anyone and loot their bodies. It's pretty fun when a kid trash talks and you just own him.

:Bad Idea:
·The interface is really annoying to work around. It takes a good while to figure out how to set everything up and where everything is.
·The graphics/sounds are very limited and for some reason, there's usually a good amount of lag in the game. I have no idea what's up with that.
·It's hard to just jump into the game and expect which way to go first. You'll want to put some time away from life and focus on how to play this game to start out.

·One of the better MMORPGs out there, and although not completely pretentious, it's a lot different from most others out there with it's unique PVP modes.