No carebears...

User Rating: 7 | Shadowbane PC
I stopped playing SB about the time the Wrath Server started to die. Before that I played for over a year and a half, so obviously I found the game enjoyable. However, I was lucky and managed to get in with good guilds with GMs who gave a damn about their people. I even had a city on Vengence server just before that server went belly up. I could see where a new player could easily become frustrated trying to advance in the game but grow tired of the bad attitudes of many of the players in the game.

Shadowbane does not have stellar graphics or a challenging AI for PvE that some players enjoy. (The graphics are very minimal) Leveling up is a grind and a half and not a lot of variety. Many players use a macro to fight mobs if that gives you any idea of how easy it is. However, character diversity and balance are very good and the PvP fights are outstanding. Getting good at PvP takes a long time. Except for a few areas for new characters, most of the map is open combat, so you always have to worry about getting ganked. Keeps you on your toes.

Creating a good character is not hard with all the advise in the character creation forums, but "winging it" can really cause you to screw up your toon. Learning to play your character effectively is a challenge. Unfortunately, there is a prelevance of buffbots and support characters that make it difficult (not impossible) to be successful with just one account. You can run two or more accounts at the same time, and many players do, to give yourself all the advantages of healing, summoning, buffing, macro-leveling etc.

Generally, I'd recommend Shadowbane but it's not a game for everyone.