Seven Samurai 20XX is entertaining while it lasts, but nothing outstanding - it's uninspired, but I found it enjoyable

User Rating: 4.5 | Seven Samurai 20XX PS2
Seven Samurai 20XX is a Playstation 2 game which apparently is based on an old Samurai film called 'Seven Samurai' .... although, from all accounts, the resemblance between the game and the film is far from obvious, as really they sound almost completely different.

To my surprise, right after starting to play it, I had already finished it - it's an astonishingly short game, with it's length weighing in at a featherlike 6 hours in total, or thereabouts.

That wasn't a problem for me though, as I had got the game very cheaply (I got mine for a fiver second-hand ;) ) , and started playing it because I wanted to play something a bit different from the games which I've been playing recently. It made a nice change, however briefly it lasted, and because of its short length it seemed quite compact, with progress rapidly being made, or new things being seen.

It's from a similar genre as Devil May Cry or Chaos Legion, although it's rather less sophisticated, depthsome, , challenging, varied or involving than either of those games.

Seven Samurai 20xx is mediocre in a number of ways - it's conception and construction seem flawed, the difficulty-balance isn;t great and it's overall too easy anyway, the pseudo-RPG elements are tedious and the characters vacuous and almost immediately forgettable, it has an uninspired plotline, the battle system is incredibly simplistic, with only one button for attacking even though it clearly tries to focus heavily on the battles and the game cries out for more varied attacks, and there are times when improvement seems glaringly obvious, but where the develpers must either have not spotted the opportunity or possibly more likely, just didn't do anything about it. .

All the same though, this game offers a brief shot of uncomplicated and straight-forward gaming which, while not likely to be good enough to give you exciting stories to repeat to your friends enthusiastically, is enough to be entertaining while it lasts.

:) I reckon that it's alright, although it is decidedly unspectacular.
I found it to be quite enjoyable, and good fun for all it was.

I think that it would be a good game to rent, for those in the habit of doing so, who feel interested in playing this game.

But in general, it was a bit feeble..... enjoyable, and I found it amusing - just not overly so, as this game isn't outstanding, just okay.