It's not real soccer, but it's really, really fun!

User Rating: 9 | Sega Soccer Slam XBOX
Lots of games tried to make soccer much more fun. Like Freestyle Street Soccer. But that all usually failed for me. Until Sega Soccer Slam!

Sega Soccer Slam is like soccer, but much more aggressive and it has no rules. You can slide tackle, kick, or punch to get the ball without getting a yellow or red card!

Sega Soccer Slam is pretty much a game of soccer with 4 people on a team. You can only control 3 of them so it's basically 3 on 3. The only time you can control the fourth one, the goalkeeper, is when they save the ball from the opponent scoring a goal. Also while playing you have access to all of these really cool abilities that will help you in the match.

There is this feature called Quest Mode where you play as one team and you try to take them all the way to the top and try to win the Continental Cup. When you finish Quest Mode with a team, you unlock their stadium. So to unlock all of the stadiums, you have to play with all of the teams in the game.

In Quest Mode, you will earn money for every match. Less money if you lose, more money if you win. All of that money can be used to buy items for your team members that will increase specific attributes. Or, buy some artwork of each team member to look at.

There is a total of 6 teams with about 3 secret ones which end up a total of 9 playable teams.

You can play Challenge mode which allows you to select 3 team players. Not teams but team players. Or characters if you will. So you can have 2 players from the El Fuego team and one play from Toxic. When you beat Challenge mode with your team, you will unlock one secret character that you can use in Challenge mode. If you unlock 3 secret characters from the same team, you get a new team. So when you finish Quest Mode, you have another reason to keep playing.

You can play a regular game or play some fun mini-games such as Hot Potato or Brawl. All of which can be played with up to 4 people.

Speaking of playing with up to four people, there is also something else in this game called Tourney Mode where you can set up your own little tournament with teams and play with your friends. Set up some prizes for the winner or something. It's a really fun game to have at a party.

Overall this is a great game for any soccer fanatic. It's also a great party game to if you want to invite a couple of friends over to play against. All in all, I highly recommend this game to everyone.