Excellent 2-4 player fun!

User Rating: 8 | Sega Soccer Slam XBOX
Once upon a time, Xbox was the wave of the future. Playstation 2 had its hands full with dark, brooding game franchises and Xbox burst onto the scene with some happier fare. Fuzion Frenzy, Kung Fu Chaos and Sega Soccer Slam, all released within 18 months of each other were very different. They were designed to use Xbox's 4-player support and what's more, they were the most fun with four players huddled around the Box. This game in particular (which drew CNN's attention to the next generation of video games) was bright, fast, completely different from anything else (it was the equal of NFL Blitz, if not better, and blew every other arcade sports game out of the water) and what's more, anyone could play it. That's a good thing -- games that kids and adults can play have a massive appeal. Before you know it, everyone's in the action, baby brother, baby sister, mom, dad, friend from down the block. That's the kind of game that made consoles popular in the first place. And this is king among them.