This fun little tank game can be surprisingly addictive. It's playful vibe will bring you back for more!

User Rating: 9 | Seek and Destroy PS2
While this game may lack the fancy graphics and special effects that have become the norm in the game industry, Seek and Destroy has a fun pick-up-and-play feel that soon becomes addictive.

The game has your typical war theme; an evil army is attacking the good citizens and it's your job to fight back and turn the tides of the war. Seek and Destroy has a very simple control scheme that makes blowing stuff up rather easy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The core of the gameplay is, of course, the missions where you blast through enemy tanks. However, Seek and Destroy throws in a very satisfying RPG style aspect in between each mission, complete with a world-map. During this time you can visit the towns you have secured to buy weapons, customize your tanks, and battle it out in arena-styled mini-games. The RPG aspect really brings something new to the vehicular combat genre and the inclusion of a world-map with easter-eggs really helps bring the miniature tank world alive.

After completing the game, you actually get to keep the tanks, equipment, and money you earned the next time you start a new game. Throw in the fact that some parts of the storyline are non-linear and the replay value jumps through the roof. It's very fun to blast through the game with an extreme killing machine you customized from your last game, meanwhile earning even more money to buy all of the best equipment.

Seek and Destroy also features a multiplayer mode, with is essentially the single-player arena games and a deathmatch mode. Despite the half-baked multiplayer features, it's still very fun to battle your custom tank against your friend's.

Seek and Destroy may not be the flashiest game on the market, but it's definitely worth playing to those who value fun and addictive gameplay. I can guarantee that after you put this into your stack of completed games, you'll find yourself picking it back up sometime in the future.