Graphics VS. Gameplay Very Addictive

User Rating: 8.5 | Seek and Destroy PS2
I played this game for hours and it never seems to make me bored, you know why its because its the gameplay. Seek and Destroy is a great example of graphics vs. gameplay because you don't need amazing graphics to have fun you just need gameplay that is fun and interesting. In the game kinda reminds you of Armored Core but with tanks and much more dangerous weapons of destruction, also with incredible or giant bosses like one that is imposible to catch or a giant airship. Also the things you could have on a tank are just crazy like making it fly or make it fire a giant nuke onto your enemies.

But the game is short and it leaves you for more bosses or weapons but its highly addictive and this game is very cheap so if you want a game that has great gameplay and leaves your wallet full buy this game but if your a guy that likes graphics go buy a $60
waste of money or just invest $5 or lower for a game that returns into its gameplay roots