Simply put if you like having fun this game works for you.

User Rating: 9.4 | Seek and Destroy PS2
When i first bought this game i was kinda sceptical about it. A tank game on PS2... i dunno but the 10 dollars i paid for it kinda won me over. So i get home pop it in and BAM! im blastin my way through levels having a kick butt time. learning the moves, buyin stuff winning battles. Its just a fun game, its not meant to be serious to a high degree. But more of a simplistic pick up and play game, where you have tons of fun shooting at enemies everywhere. and you can pick all sorts of different stuff to customize your tank with, not to mention pick a cool tank on top of it. Sure some might say its a kiddy game, but ya know what. IT ROCKS, so if your looking for a cheap game to just have some fun with and relax for a change pick it up. if you don't like it, well you didn't lose a whole lot on your investment.