User Rating: 6.7 | Seaman: Kindan no Pet: Gaze Hakushi no Jikken Shima PS2
i really like this game but for those who need a game that keeps up good pace this game will lag. The game play is ok sometimes ofcourse it is frustrating to tell seaman somthing because he might miss understand you for saying something else, or may just not understand. but players must understand this isnt really your tipical game.Seaman freqently needs, to be feed, talked to, a clean tank, and the tempature to be just right for him.Any of these steps could mean the death of him if not done daily maybe twice or more.the sound is allright the only think to hear is his voice and a couple of sound effects. If you like simulated games, you have time and pattiance then mabe seaman is the game for u.