Creative Fun

User Rating: 8 | Scribble It! PC

I've played this game for 13 hours now and its crashed one time during a match. While a lot of the community can be inappropriate and discriminatory (excessive use of the N word / drawing private body parts) for the most part it is friendly. Since the last time I've played they have updated the game to have a curse word filter and this has discouraged people from being inappropriate but it's a little bit oversensitive. For instance I tried to write Tornado and it censored it , ( I guess for nad?) also it censors ho so you can't write hoist. This doesn't really get in the way of the game at all but it does handicap the ability to see other players guess to help influence your idea some. Regardless of these small gripes I think it's great that they implemented the censorship because I had been wanting to stream this game but wary about it because I don't want someone writing the N word on my stream.

I love this game alot and it has become one of my favorite go to games on the computer. I like playing it especially with my stylus pen on the touch screen. But its still enjoyable with just a mouse.

You can create your own word packs and download other word packs but to play all the modes you have to purchase the premium version (which Im tempted to do in the future.) still there's plenty enough to do in the free version.

There's a couple different game modes with different difficulty options which help the game from growing stale and switch up your approach just enough.

It plays a lot like a modern day Pictionary and for this it stands out among the other games on steam.

A lot of times people that speak other languages will join the english game and I feel bad for them I guess there arent many people in their native language playing and that really is too bad because people from all over should play this game. Also sometimes the words repeat like the very first time i played this game the first word was billiards and then later that same match it was billiard? some words can be pretty hard to depict like I dont know how I would draw leather besides making a rocker looking guy with a leather jacket.

it makes me a little upset that one of the achievements is exclusive to the premium version ( you cant change ui color without premium) but i cant blame them for incentivizing people to buy their game. also im not sure whats happening with the junior and senior artist achievement but it says ive won 1 game while the ingame stats say Ive won 11 games. Im sure this can be fixed though so im not mad about it

I think this game is great, not perfect but great and everyone should play it as it inspires creativity. Whenever I'm in a rut and cant think of anything to draw I can turn to this game and it inspires me to doodle some. I can't wait to see what else they bring in the future.