Its like taking a time machine back to the Sengoku Period of Japan and living in glorious war. Very good game!

User Rating: 10 | Sengoku Musou 3 WII
To many who are (ignorant), this is just a hack and slash game. Well coming from a Tecmo Koei fan; let me just say, ITS NOT. This game not only delivers a great fighting system for the game play but also some various large ranged maps. A major plus is that not only is Samurai Warriors 3 just a game, but it is also a History book. Well most of it atleast. And not only does the high tensed gameplay give off an adrenaline rush of taking on a 1000 man army, but the story and tales of the samurai warriors is very exciting and fascinating. And if you are a gamer who loves to spend a lot of time trying to complete a game, let me just say that Samurai Warriors 3 provides you with a very massive amount of content via unlockable characters, battles (maps), weapons, horses, etc. I rate this game a 10/10.