Hmmm, Many enemies coming at you at once? A japense story line? Custom Create Characters. Yep... It samurai warriors.

User Rating: 7 | Sengoku Musou 3 WII
Alright so I had a pretty-mixed bag on this game when i first saw because of the one massive flaw these games have time and time again, possibly some of the most god awful a.i. I have ever seen you could sit there for 20-30 seconds in a group of baddies and they won't hit you. Alright, but this time I'm going to defend this one because it's taking so much abuse by reviews. So HERE WE GO!

Presentation: 8.5
Ok Ok, So obviously noone and i mean noone really gives a crap about the story. But the cutscenes look well done and the menu's are slick and have some beautiful art. I like it.
Graphics: 7.5
To me graphics are a mixed bag on this one. The models look great for the characters, but the enemies are overdone constantly, they need to add some more variety. The game is almost like a ps2 game but with buffed up textures which all and all looks good. And a +.5 bonus for the special attacks they look really well done.
Gameplay: 7.5
For once the enemies can actually put up a decent fight, and the boss will sometimes kick your a**... But i can't feel that the game was way to repetitive way to quickly, but to try to change the pace there are a couple of modes and wifi to play with other people, the result? Solid good fun. I also noticed that the frame rate dips, to as low as 30 fps. Which is sad because the graphics don't even fully uses the wii true potential. The combos are pretty good but it just leads down to button mashing. (Recommended to playing with friends)
Sound: 7.0
The music ranges from good to forgettable, and the voice acting still needs improvement but its ok.
Lasting Appeal: 8.5
While repetition is kinda of in the way, level up your custom character is fun, and wifi is always welcomes, as well as a few interesting modes, and plenty of story modes.
Final Verdict: 8.0 Great
(Actual Score: 7.8)
Samurai Warriors 3 is a step up to the recent failures that have been released fans of the genre will have a real good time. And action/adventure types should definitely look it up. There is some serious repetition issues that still need to be fixed and they need better voice acting. But this is the start of an improvement.

UPDATE: I noticed something unforgivable with the frame rate. It is always sluggish, even when there's only 2-3 enemies on screen. This is inexcusable and the *** has it on 60 fps due to this flaw, I am deducting a point.