``This is a great FAMILY game!''-Newsweek

User Rating: 9.5 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Newsweek also gives SR an A-.WARNING:THIS GAME PAWNS AND DESTROYS San Andreas!!!When it comes to open-world games, there are two types of players out there. There are those that like to play through the game's campaign, collecting hidden objects, playing through sub-missions, and generally going through the motions of the game's storyline. Then, there are those who just like to jump in and blow crap up, causing a ton of damage without scratching on the surface of the game's storyline. For the second brand of open-world gamer, there is Saints Row 2.

As far as Saints Row 2 is concerned, there is no avoiding comparison to Grand Theft Auto IV. They both touch on common ground in terms of gameplay and overall theme, but there are some things that Saints Row 2 does take to set itself apart from the latter. Whereas the Grand Theft Auto series has been taking an exceedingly realistic approach to the genre, Saints Row 2 seems to go the complete opposite route, allowing the player to truly get into some ridiculous situations that look insane, but are also a lot of fun to pull off. While the game certainly has some shortcomings, like technical issues and buggy gameplay, it's still a blast for gamers who just want to hit the streets of Stillwater and blow something up.