[9.0/10] The Saints are back and they are crazier than ever, new Storyline and Weapons added to the the overall fun.

User Rating: 9 | Saints Row 2 (Collector's Edition) X360
Saints Row is Definitively the Best GTA Based game of All Times !
The Missions Have a Feeling from a Movie Cut-scene, Strongholds are Fun To play and Activities are Insanely FUN !!!
I Completed over 20 Achievements with a Total of 400GS
For Every GTA Fan its a Definitive Must Play !!!

- The Details !!! [New Section Added - Achievements]

* Graphics - 80/100 The Graphics Are Bright and The Character is Shiny but Not Better Than GTA IV !

* Gameplay - 85/100
Very Fun Gameplay Mechanic its fun and brutal and COOP is Awesome also The Activities are Awesome !!
from 5 to 7 hours from missions the activities and multiplayer provide another 10 !

* Design - 95/100
The World Design is Awesome, safehouses are beautiful Activities are well-designed also im a Fan of Create a Character in-game which this game provide it !

* Sound - 100/100
Simply The Best Music in-Game The Radio is full of Nice Tracks that you heard on MTV or On YouTube The Voice Acting are Amazing !!

* Story - 95/100
If You want to compare the Story of This Game and GTA IV the winner is GTA IV, the reason is that saints row have only 42 missions all of Them Great But GTA Have 90 mission which is twice **** But Still and Entertaining Story !

**** Achievements [NEW] - 4/10
If You Want To complete this game Single Player only by the end of The Game you will only Have 200GS after completing more activities you will gain another 150GS and You Can Also Complete the game in COOP which will Provide You another 200GS To Completing this Game 100% is Really Hard but If You Will Play This game a lot i believe You will make 100 % !!

Final Rate - 9/10