Addictive. Abnormally addictive. Quite simply the most time-consuming and life-ruining game ever made.

User Rating: 1.9 | RuneScape WEB
Terrible graphics, terrible sound, horrible cutscenes, and disastrous gameplay lead to an unexpectedly addicting game that shouldn't be played by those who value their lives. NOT their pixelated, fake, Runescape lives, mind you. Their REAL lives.

Believe me, when I first heard of this game, I dove in head-first, not sure what to expect. I was incredily naive in making that terrible decision. You want to know what I got out of it? I risked being isolated from actual good gaming. I nearly forgot about my consoles and was glued to the computer as often as possible. In doing so, I pretty much sat in a cold, dark cave while I played this so-called "game" all day. Little did I know I was being scammed into an MMORPG that shouldn't even be classified as such. I honestly don't care if fanboys bash me for this review. What I'm trying to do as an honest-to-goodness gamer is warn people about this. What do you do in this game? You mine, collect money, trade with other players, beg on the streets for money, buy armor and weapons, and search a full world of pixely deight, while at the same time (if you're new to the game), get called by poor and pathetic insults. Fun? Maybe at first. I actually got farther in the game than many of you might think, around level 40 out of around 120-130. It was then that I realized what I've been doing for countless hours a day. I was constantly trying to collect money, adding to my level, and killing pathetic creatures (A unicorn, for God's sake!). Nothing else. That's really what the game boils down to.

What I can't help but to complain about is the online community itself. The people playing with you are all hooked on the game, and when you stop to ask for help, they either keep moving or simply call you a noob, then keep moving.

What bothers me the most is the graphics. How people who could be playing great games with unbelieveable graphical effects get obsessed with a game that looks graphically inferior to any great console out there I'll never know.

Hmm...perhaps there's another thing that's been on my mind for some time now. The game is free to play, that is, if you don't want to explore the entire world of RS. To get ALL of the features, you have to subsribe. How much does it cost, though? Go ahead, guess. How about "$5 a month," or in real language, SIXTY BUCKS A YEAR. That is TWENTY whole dollars more than a year subscription to Xbox Live Gold. Hello? Not only is it insanely overpriced, but once you've started playing the F2P (free to play) version, you'll actually be tempted to buy it! Imagine that!

Bottom line: I hate Runescape. I loathe it to the core. Don't make the most regrettable game decision you've ever made in your life by subscribing, or even STARTING this game. Avoid it. The graphics are terrible. There isn't a story. This is simply proof to show that JaGeX couldn't make a good game if they tried. And they did. And they failed. Horribly.

Forget it--don't listen to any friends about this game, as it is simply a waste of time and money. I am so tempted to give all of my stuff away, but then again, why bother? They made a mistake in starting this game anyway. Do us all real gamers a favor and DON'T support this game. It doesn't deserve it.