No, just no.

User Rating: 1.5 | Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon DS
When I went to the store, I was expecting something amazing to come out of Rune Factory, but I probably should've known that this'd end the way it did. Totally awfully.

Audio ~ 5/10 :;

The audio is pretty much what you can expect from a cheap Nintendo DS game. There is absolutely nothing special about it. They did a mediocre job, and that's the only way I can put it.

Graphics ~ 7/10 :;

The graphics aren't bad. They are pretty good in comparison to the Harvest Moon DS but not that much better. It's just good looking, the same overhead camera angles are used, and the color design is well thought out. Nothing absolutely revolutionary, but it's good looking all the same

Gameplay ~ 2/10 :;

Just awful. They pretty much took a great franchise and decided to make some awful spin-off. If they were looking for absolute junk, they found it, congratulations on your accomplishment. Come on, getting a farm from some dumb girl, and fighting monsters in your spare time? Give me a break.

This game is terrible. If you want a good one to play, try any of the Harvest Moon games. They are the same game types, but you don't have to beat the daylights out of monsters, you just have to manage your farm and your life. 110% better, do not pick this game up at all costs.