if your a wrestling you will enjoy this but even if your not you still may like it the graphics are amazing

User Rating: 9.3 | Rumble Roses XX X360
Rumble Roses XX alot of people say it sucks well i say it does'nt i played the first on ps2 i totally loved the game this one i like more. I bought this game actually i was happy that i did get it cause its just plain fun with a few more stuff added to this. Graphics alot of people say they suck well there wrong its way cool the girls look real just some people i guess don't respect great graphics in a game. Here is what this game offers it brings you 4 way match, a humiliation match where you have to use humiliation moves, tag team matches which i really like in this game, queen match pretty strange if you lose who ever your playing must do the samba or limbo etc, there's a few more others aswell. i can say all the girls are in this one that were in the first. The wrestling is a bit slow thats one of the down sides it was like that in the first but its still a brilliant game. The entrance's are brilliant thats what i love in this game also good entrances music aswell i wish these were real woman wrestler's cause there real cool. I love this game great graphics better then the first just the mud wrestling thats missing and i haven't seen a story to the game. Overall its game i can play for ages if your waiting for a wwe to come out or bored of it buy this cause its well good.