The motion sensing controls are very faulty which ruins the whole of what would be a good table tennis game.

User Rating: 5.5 | Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis WII
Rockstars presents table tennis for wii is generally an okay game. It does nothing to really distinguish itself from any other middiling sports games.

The graphics are particuarlly good and realistic, but the table tennis players look very realistic and so do the location. The gameplay is very simple, but is ruined by the poor motion sensing, the charachter swings a bit after you swing the remote.

This game is not great and you should generally stay away from it. It is not worth the full price of a normal wii game unfortunately. If you want to buy a table tennis game for wii, there are other options which are more fun and function better. Overall, it is alright, the graphics are good, but the gameplay is dissapointing. A very mediocre game. Also it is slightly too easy, check your bargain bin.